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4 pc Men's Shave Oil Set
4 pc Men's Shave Oil Set
Men's Skin Care kit has finally made grooming simple. Eliminate the ingrown hairs, razor bumps and discoloration by using our Shav-e-Cee Deep Cleanser to prepare the skin for the best shave ever and to deep clean the pores, this step is essential in stopping the dirt from getting back into the skin. Next the shaving oil to give you a smooth shave and finally the after shave Gel to condition the skin without the burn or drying effects of alcohol. An added bonus to the kit is the "Fragrance Free" Body Cream to completely eliminate the grey, ashy look of dry skin.
Manufacturer Number: 80M
Manufacturer Name: MSCEE
Stock Status: 47
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Set contains
1-1oz shaving oil
1-8 oz deep cleanser
1-4 oz After Shave Gel
1-4 oz Therapeutic Body Cream