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4 pc Specialty Pk.
4 pc Specialty Pk.
Use the Absolutely Fabulous Foot Care cream and soak to maintain and promote healthy feet
Manufacturer Number: 74M
Manufacturer Name: MSCEE
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A unique combination of products that contain all natural, essential, herbal oils and agents to provide soft and healthy feet. This foot cream has been formulated to relieve dry, cracked and calloused feet and is also beneficial for diabetic feet. Aloe Vera, Tea Tree oil, and Emu oil are the active ingredients that aid in improving circulatory functions and promote foot health.Do you suffer with foot odor, try Absolutely Fabulous foot soak full strength, applying it directly to the feet. Just soak you feet in warm water treated with our Absolutely Fabulous Feet - Foot Soak and then apply the rich and luxurious Absolutely Fabulous Feet - Foot Cream Therapeutic Body Cream-Fragrance Free-for extremely dry skin. The body cream contains Shea butter, Aloe Vera, emu oil and emollients to soft yet moisturizes. Joint and Muscle Care pain relieving cream stops the aches and discomfort of arthritis plus muscle strain, tendinitis and carpel tunnel.
This set contains
1 - 4 oz Absolutely Fabulous Foot Cream
1 - 8 oz Absolutely Fabulous Foot Soak
1 - 4 oz Joint and Muscle Care Pain Reliever
1 - 4 oz Therapeutic Body Cream