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Handmade Bath Bombs
Available in a variety of unique fragrances
Average weight 4.5 oz- 6 oz
Bath Bombs, will actually absorb quickly into your pores and taking their benefits up a notch. The ingredients in your bath bomb can clean and moisturize your skin, and the right combination of essential oils in your can even wake up dull tired skin, leaving you feeling absolutely radiant!
Our Bath Bombs both fizz and foam .Our ingredients provide a silky and moisturizing feel and are really un to watch as they dissolve.  Some of our Bath Bombs will add a non-staining color to your water.
How to use!Once your bathwater is as deep or shallow as you like it to be, put your Bath bomb into the water, then help it dissolve by swirling it around in the tub or playing with it as it releases its skin-softening oil.
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