Whipped Soaps

We have taken bar soap to a new level. Here, you will find a offering of easy to use, moisturizing and wonderfully scented whipped soap for the most discerning senses.
What is Whipped Soap?
Whipped soap is a specialty formulated recipe rich in rice bran oil and buttermilk powder, that not only washes your skin, but restores its moisture as well.
One small teaspoon size on a scrubby or cloth, or a twist your loofah/sponge in the jar, is enough to cleanse your entire body. A little goes a long way!
Additional uses:  Moisturizing hand soap, bath soap and as a shaving cream.  Gentle enough for everyday use for the entire family.
As always, if irritation occurs, discontinue use.
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Egg Nog Whipped Soap
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Just Peachy Whipped Soap
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Lemon Puddin' Whipped Soap
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