Our Mission And Vision

MSCEE About Us and Our Vision and Mission

Choose MSCEE for our skincare and other cosmetic and skin care products designed with the highest-quality emu oil and other natural ingredients.

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With MSCEE skincare and hair products, you can both see and feel the difference.

Our Vision

MSCEE is committed to developing results-driven skin and hair formulations backed by research. Our goal is to continue to support our customers' health and cosmetic needs with safe and reliable products crafted with ingredients like emu oil and aloe vera.


MSCEE has been developing and distributing high-quality skin care products for the global marketing place since our incorporation in 1997. Our cosmetic industry experience stretches back even further. Our products brim with natural ingredients that are not only safe, but also effective. Many of our formulations are based on time-honored recipes that have been improving the look and feel of skin for centuries.

Our company is the exclusive distributor of Oil of Kas-u-ari, which is our brand name for top-quality, 100% emu oil. We feature emu oil in all of our skin care products because of its healthful and beautifying properties. MSCEE uses only the best-quality oil that's been prepared and processed in our state-approved facilities. Natural emu oil is rich in antioxidants and loaded with healthful polyunsaturated fats that can nourish the skin and hair, leading to rejuvenating results you can see and feel.

MSCEE is a privately held, minority, and woman-owned company that's headquartered in Southeast Michigan. MSCEE was founded to bring natural products to the cosmetic marketplace--products designed to make people feel good about their skin. Since our founding, we've added scores of new products to our repertoire. Browse our inventory to find creams, gels, ointments, cleansers, and more. We feature a dazzling array of products like soothing skin lotions, exfoliating scrubs, pain-relieving creams, and hair care products.

Try our exclusive products that are backed with our 30-day satisfaction guarantee. We stand behind our products because we've meticulously researched their formulation and produced them according to the highest standards. We use them ourselves!