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Men's Skin Care Trio Set
Men's Skin Care Trio Set
Men's 8 oz CLEANSER,2oz All essential oil shaving oil AND 4 oz After Shave CONDITIONER
Manufacturer Number: 72M
Manufacturer Name: MSCEE
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Taking care of your skin made easy as 1,2,3. Using a deep cleanser not only removes body oil and impurities but is essential in combating ingrown hairs and razor bumps. Removing the dead skin from your face allows the beard hair to protrude thus making removal easy and clean. Shav-E-Cee oil is a combination of all natural essential oils allowing the blade to glide over the skin resulting in a clean shave. Shav-E-Cee After Shave Gel conditions the skin, closes the pores and contain no alcohol to burn or discolor your skin. Deep cleansing is extremely important to prepare the skin for shaving whether you use a blade or electric shaving system. Daily cleanser is part of process to avoid razor bumps. Razor bumps are not uncommon to men with coarse or curly hair. They are especially common for black men, with some people estimating up to 30 or 40% of black men may experience bumps. The process of blade shaving can cut the hair at an angle, making it sharp. Curly hair then sometimes curls back toward the skin and can puncture the skin and become ingrown. This leads to red bumps and skin irritation, which can be very painful for some men. The technical name for razor bumps is pseudofolliculitis barbae (often abbreviated PFB
Set contains: 1-8oz Men's Cleanser
                      1- 2 oz Shav-e-cee Shave Oil
                      1- 4 oz Shav-e-cee After Shave Gel